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Project Blacksphere information database.

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2005-02-21 14:19 -
  • The site has finally been opened to all public! Have fun. Be sure to send me your comments, ideas, additions and questions.
  • Mail problem when registering solved, hopefully. If not, mail me for accounts.
  • Added Nokia 7110 to models database
  • MBUS (host<->PC serial interface) completely documented. (see here)
  • More MBUS filled in I/O map
  • Some Cobba stuff added in MDI locals
  • New major version of Debug tracing , our modified Gammu. It includes a listing of all Debug Types and support for OpenGPA


The goal of this project is to deduct and document the details of the complete 331x (and later DCT3) hardware and gain more understanding into the workings of GSM phones, and deeply embedded hardware in general. And find a use for all those poor DCT3 phones that are being thrown away in favor of newer ones..

It also provides a nice and low-cost platform to experiment with embedded operating systems, as the phones have a nice LCD screen, and lots of buttons to play with, an 13Mhz ARM7TDMI processor, Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP, and serial ports. Everything can be programmed and built with standard GNU tools.

A future goal could be to make a completely open Phone Operating System that's better than the N*kia one :-)

Current projects (under software) are MADos (the DCT3 operating system), a modified gammu for debug tracing the Nokia kernel, and a Linux DCT3 flasher (knoklin).

This is not (and never will be) meant as a newbie introduction to flash reverse engineering and modification, but more like a reference to people already into that kind of stuff. Go here or here(mostly German) to learn basic stuff about flashing.

If you'd like to help please contact me. And remember: Don't panic. Post any questions you have about the site and its content on the forum.

You can now SignUp for an account Here ! You can then post and read the members only sections of the forum.

Greyed out sections are restricted and need approciate permissions. Mail me and you'll get the permissions to the hardware section.

Last updated: 2005-02-21 14:19

This site is the result of a great deal of assembly code reading, research, countless (mostly futile) searches for data sheets, cross-referencing and analysing. If you use this information in any way please mention wumpus <> (and others in the credits section) in the credits of your program/document. And tell me :) If you have more information please contribute. If you just copy this, stick your name on it and call it yours I hope you get your genitals bitten off by a three headed monkey. Have a nice day.

No mobile phones were harmed in the production of this site.