bit_of_pipe.nrx                                                Version 1.10
  ---------------                              Copyright (c) 2006 NuukiaWorld
                       Licenced game concept Copyright (c) 1989 Panu Tuominen
  This is a reincarnation of "Bit of pipe" game from 1980's. The original and
  only (until this) Bit of pipe was published in 1989 for Commodore 64
  computer. Now it is available for DCT-3 phones, too!
  "An explosion has ruined a pipeline on the chemical plant. You are the only
  who can prevent the disaster and build an temporary connection through
  the explosion area. However, the pipe pieces are so heavy that you cannot
  carry them around: the only thing you can do is rotating the pipe pieces
  in place and try building a solid pipeline that way. The larger amount of
  fluid is collected, the larger will be your score."
  Game controls:

  1 2 3  Move the cursor      5     Rotate pipe clockwise
  4   6                       *     Toggle "fast forward" on/off
  7 8 9                    UP/DOWN  Pan the display vertically
  Use the "fast forward" mode to speed up the fluid flow when you are
  finished with your pipeline and do not want to improve it anymore. The tank
  level displays blink when "fast forward" is active.
  By default, a random game is started. If you are not satisfied with your
  result, you can play the same field again by entering the game number. This
  allows also fair head-to-head competitions using one or more phones by
  specifying the same game number for all contestants.
  Definition name (game is automatically added to the Games menu, too):


  New for 1.10
  - Rule change: if the input pipe is looped, it will break randomly
  - Numeric keys are now disabled during the Game over message
  - Minor performance improvements
  New for 1.01
  - Imporved repeat of UP/DOWN (pan vertically) keys
  - Fixed garbage flashed when a small amount of fluid was flowing in pipes
  - System keypad tones muted during the game
  - Some new sound effects
  New for 1.00
  - Initial release
  - Operation on 96 x 65 displays or with 5510 keypad has not been tested