world_clock.nrx                                                Version 1.02
  ---------------                              Copyright (c) 2006 NuukiaWorld

  Allows browsing the time zones and showing the current time on each. 32
  zones are included with names of some cities. Use the arrow keys to change
  the zone and press the main Navi key to show the zone description (cities)
  and time with current weekday.

  Press 5 to select your current zone.

  Note that daylight saving times are not supported. You need to calculate
  their effect manually. However, if both your area and the area you are
  browsing are both using DST, then it may be ignored.

  I'd like to thank joci2000 for his own w_clock.nrx script and the idea.
  First I was going to improve his great work but finally I decided to start
  from scratch. For more information about joci2000's w_clock.nrx, visit

  Clock type setting code from screen_saver.nrx, copyright (c) 2005 Yak.
  Used under GPL license.

New for 1.02:
- clock message format ID locating code fixed to work also on 3310
New for 1.01:
- clock icon in the zone description message and no beep
- moved texts one pixel upward for better stability
New for 1.00:
- own zone is stored in non-volatile memory
- more realistic map projection, cursor matches the meridians better
- GMT-03:30, GMT+xx:30, GMT+05:45, and GMT+13:00 zones are supported
- zone's current time is displayed all the time
- zone decription contains space for two - three cities
- small flash footprint, only one byte of static variables (RAM)
- hangup key handled properly
- 12-hour clock mode supported
- weekday shown to clarify the effect of the international date line