mobile_unlocker.nrx                                    Version 1.5
  -------------------                  Copyright (c) 2004-2005 [Yak]

  SIM-lock removing codes calculator. Word 'mobile' in name has two
meanings: it's for mobile phones and you can take it everywhere with
you, so it's mobile itself :). Finally you don't have to switch to
MADos to unlock some phone.

Access it with following definition:


Currently following phones can be unlocked:
  - NOKIA DCT-3 series
  - NOKIA DCT-4 series (ASIC 2, 5, 6, 7)
  - Sony CMD-C1
  - Vitel TSM 3/4/5/5m
  - NOKIA DCT2/3/4 security master code

Algorithms borrowed from MADos package (with permission).

New for 1.5:
- Fix bug in Vitel algo
- Added Vitel TSM5m
- Added security master code calc
- Fix Sony CMD-C1 problem with ntoa

New for 1.4:
- first letter of country name can be entered on 8250