keys.nrx                                                       Version 2.00
  -----------                                      Copyright (c) 2006 Cieszak

  Show programs keys from *.key files. Key files are text files
  with one key in one line. Application name and key are separated by equal


  Maximal line length is 60 chars. If You want to modify key files, must
  add filetype_key.nrx to NokiX project also. Modification functions will
  be added to the files manager.
  Access with following definition:


  Parameters: none

  New for 2.00
  - Rewrited most parts of code
  - File modification functions moved to filetype_key.nrx
  - If dir 'keys' exist, it will be used for key's files (instead of root directory)
  - Scroll screen by any number key
  - Posibility to send key via sms

  New for 1.02 beta
  - update for SDK 2.30, and new scripts snapshot

  New for 1.01 beta
  - add, edit, delete keys [not working so good]
  - creating files         [not working so good]

  New for 1.00
  - everything

   - editing single keys not entire file