keys.nrx                                                       Version 1.04
  -----------                                      Copyright (c) 2006 Cieszak
                                                   - all code
                                                   Copyright (C) 2006 Yak
                                                   - console/4 font

  Show programs keys from *.key files. Key files are text files
  with one key in one line. Application name and key are separated by equal


  Access with following definition:


  Parameters: none

  New for 1.04
  - Rewrited most parts of code
  - No limit of line length (but is limit for add/edit dialogs - 300 bytes)
  - add, edit, delete keys
  - creating files
  - also can open keys directly from file_manager

  New for 1.03
  - Rewrited most parts of code
  - If dir 'keys' exist, it will be used for key's files (instead of root directory)
  - Scroll screen by any number key
  - Posibility to send key via sms

  New for 1.02 beta
  - update for SDK 2.30, and new scripts snapshot

  New for 1.01 beta
  - add, edit, delete keys [not working so good]
  - creating files         [not working so good]

  New for 1.00
  - everything

   - possibility to crypt files
   - search key from files