goto_menu.nrx                                                 Version 1.01
   -----------                                 Copyright (c) 2006 NuukiaWorld

   Replaces the "Names" function on the second Navi key with "Go to" function
   known from DCT-4 generation. The Go to menu is fully customizable. Go to
   menu may contain up to 9 run-time configurable links to the phone main
   menu. BTW: Sorting the links is much easier than in DCT-4!
   If the Go to menu contains only one link, it will be activated directly
   when pressing the Go to key.
   All all definitions defined in other NokiX scripts are automatically
   included in the beginning of the "Add link" menu. The remaining positions
   of the "Add link" menu are filled with the contents of the phone main menu
   down to the third submenu level.
   On phones with only one Navi(TM) key, the Go to menu is activated by
   pressing 'C' when the phone is in the default standby mode.
   Definition names:

   goto_menu/own_links  (use to configure the Go to function, obligatory)
   goto_menu/goto       (use to add the Go to in the phone menu, optional)

   New for 1.01:
   - Improved and simplified hooking, now should work also on 1-Navi phones
   New for 1.00:
   - Initial release
   - Operation on phones with 1 Navi key not guaranteed