NokiX for Windows
Version 1.38

NokiX for Linux
Version 1.01



Version 2.41

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From this section you can download everything to your computer.

Note. All ZIP files downloaded from here with root directory "NokiX" should be copied into the same directory on your harddrive. Only scripts can be copied to different directory but this is only for advanced users.

  • NokiX 1.38 for Windows [0.5MB]
    ZIP archive with NokiX. Scripts NOT included. At the end of this page you will find source code of this version.

  • NokiX 1.01 for Linux [115.3KB]
    Linux version of NokiX. Scripts NOT included. Please make sure you have Regina installed on your system. Download it here.

  • Scripts (6.10.2006) [0.5MB]
    ZIP archive with Rexx scripts and macros for NokiX.

  • Tools (2.10.2006) [1.1MB]
    Additional tools required by some scripts. For example a tool to transfer files between PC and phone with installed file system or a tool to grab screenshots from phone's LCD.

  • NokiX Software Development Kit (2.41) [10.7MB]
    For scripts, applications and games developers. Includes complete development environment (IDE) including editor, GNU/C compiler, GNU/AS ARM assembler and other needed tools. Required for building projects from Scripts sources archive (below).

  • NokiX SDK Documentation (0.9) [424.2KB]
    Official NokiX SDK documentation. Online version can be found in Help section.

  • Scripts sources (6.10.2006) [1.7MB]
    ZIP archive with sources of scripts for NokiX. Contains NokiX SDK projects of all my patches, applications and games.

  • GSC2NokiX 1.2 [34.2KB]
    Converts [PATTERN] and [CODE] sections from G3n0lite's GSC scripts into fragments of NokiX scripts.

  • Learn Rexx Programming in 56,479 Easy Steps [34.2KB]
    An easy to understand tutorial about programming in pure Rexx by Jeff Glatt. Online version can be found in Help section.

  • Animated screen savers in GIF and NI format [1MB]
    Collecion of animated screen savers originaly for 3330/5510/5210 models. Thanks to screen_saver.nrx and new_screen_saver.nrx scripts (found in scripts package) they can be used with almost any DCT-3.

  • Source code of NokiX and other tools [374.4KB]
    Sources of latest version of NokiX for Windows and other my tools. Everything under GPL licence.

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