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Bugfix 6.10.2006
Because of a bug in one of the macros and in the include files I was forced to republish the snapshot. A new scripts package, their sources and SDK are available for download. More about the changes in Changelog.

New versions 2.10.2006
A new snapshot is available. All parts of the package except main program (scripts, tools, SDK) were updated. Refer to Changelog for informations about introduced changes.

PayPal donations accepted 4.09.2006
Starting from today, I am able to accept PayPal donations. Show your support and donate the NokiX project! Use the button on the left to do it.

New versions 25.08.2006
I decided to upload a new snapshot, this time a bit earlier. This means also, that there are not so many new things. However, all parts of the package (program, scripts, tools, SDK) were updated. This time there is no description here in the news, however, an updated Changelog is available as usual.

Offline documentation 25.08.2006
In response to a request from one of the users, the new version of SDK Documentation (0.8.5) is additionaly available in offline form (in Download section).

New versions 5.08.2006
Another update is ready. Most important changes include:
  • NokiX 1.37
  • Scripts snapshot (5.08.2006)
    • All scripts were compiled using new GCC (4.1.0) (included in new SDK) which resulted in more optimized and smaller code.
    • All scripts requiring external configuration files use a new parsing procedure which helps detect more errors in these files. This should help finding misspellings and such things.
    • file_system.rx
      New file system supports directories. Yes, it wasn't easy but I've made it. Other improvements include: file attributes, improved flash space management, new file system functions making programmers life easier.
    • file_manager.nrx
      File system supports directories, so file manager must allow to browse them (they are called here folders). It supports also many other functions like file attributes, moving or copying of files or whole folders. It includes a new file transfer protocol (based on MBus/FBus/DirectIR) allowing to transfer whole folders at once too. Handling of specific file types have been moved to separate scripts (filetype_xxx.nrx). This means that adding supprt for new file format is quite easy now. Additionaly on phones with WAP downloaded files which the phone can't handle by itself, can be saved to the "drive". Big thanks for my friend, Mikesz, for helping me a lot with tracking bugs (initialy there was a lot of them).
    • file_manager.rx
      A new macro, allows other scripts to easily add support for new file formats to file manager. It also allows to add new options to file manager's menu.
  • New versions of Tools
    • NokiXeditSS 1.02
    • NokiXfiler 2.00
      Support for the new file transfer protocol build in the new version of file_manager.nrx script. To send a directory to the phone, drop its icon on filer's window. Support for old protocol have been dropped.
    • NokiXni 1.02
    • NokiXshot 1.13
  • SDK 2.30
    • GCC 4.1.0
      Besides building from the new compiler sources, it also contains a fix for a "bug" that caused the phone to reset for example when a dispatcher was created and it didn't contain any function calls. This wasn't a bug in GCC of course but rather a compatibility issue between GCC and the compiler used by Nokia to compile its firmware's.
    • NokiXdebug 1.23
    • New documentation (take a look into Help section)
More about these and other improvements you can read in the Changelog.

Of course sources of all programs and scripts are also availabale.

Everything can be found in Download section.

Have phun!

Project Blacksphere mirror 5.08.2006
Since the famous Project Blacksphere website went offline some time ago, I decided to put up a mirror (see Help section). This is just a backup of the HTML files, things like login no longer work. It is meant as a reference for NokiX script developers. I'm doing this without permission of author of Blacksphere, wampus, but I wasn't able to contact him, And I have waited over a month for an answer.

New versions and new stuff 26.05.2006
First, sorry for a long delay. I was quite busy with my life and with the stuff I'm giving you now :D.

A short description of everything can be found in Changelog again. Here I will only point the most important things and some thoughts about their usage.

NokiX 1.33

Minor overall improvements. For example it is possible to set the default projects directory. Thanks to this you don't have to search for it every time you open a project. The user interface uses a different font now so it looks much better (smoother).

Flash File System

You probably know about the mail suite package developed by Spaceimpact33. Since all the messages have to be stored somewhere, it used a flash file system ported from MADos package. This implementation had some problems so together we've started working on a new one. You have to know that programming a file system isn't a trivial thing. Therefore I decided to port an already existing file system. I wanted it also to more sophisticated than MADos file system, so I choosed a Tiny File System included in MicroMonitor package.

The porting wasn't easy since our environment is a bit different than what's normally expected. But in the end everything went fine and we finally have it. This file system is completly different so the old mail suite will not work with it. Spaceimpact33 is still working on a new version which will also have some new features. This should be available shortly.

On the other hand I've developed some other scripts to utilize the new possibilities of storing files on the phone:
  • file_manager.nrx
    Very important application. Allows you to manage the files stored in the file system in the phone. Use it to transfer the files between two phones (using IR) and between phone and PC (using new tool, NokiX filer). It can create text files, rename, delete files and so on. It can display NI files (image/animation files created with new tool, NokiX NI) and play RE files (ringtones). It will also allow you to format the file system (remove all existing files and prepare the flash to store new files).
  • new_screen_saver.nrx
    As you probably guessed it is a new version of old screen_saver.nrx script but the screen saver files are stored as files in the file system instead of hardcoding them into the firmware. This enables a lot of possibilities. Screen savers can be exchanged (as any other files) without need to reflash the phone, they can also be sent between two phones with IR connection (both using file_manager.nrx). The screen savers are stored in NI files. A collection of example screen savers in this format can be found in Download section. A new tool, NokiX NI has been created to create such files from ordinary BMP or GIF files. NI files are usually smaller and can contain additional screen saver information about screen coordinates of the clock and date. This information can be edited with another tool, NokiX screen saver editor. Beacause the screen savers are stored as files, you will have more flash space for the file system.
  • new_welcome_anim.nrx
    A new version of welcome_anim.nrx script. Uses the very same NI files (see new_screen_saver.nrx). You can use one single file for both screen saver and welcome anim. If the file contains screen saver informations, these informations are simply ignored.
  • ringtones_files.nrx
    Lets you use the RE ringtone files as real ringtones, i.e. selected one will be played when you receive a call.
The old file system worked only on 3310, the new one is also much better here. I've tested it also on 5110, 8210 and 5210 but other models should also work. It won't work on 3210 beacause this is the only phone that cannot write to the flash memory without external power source (that's why 3210 connector has additional pins). Sorry, nothing can be done about it.

To use the file system, add file_system.nrx script to your project and specify the file system space size as the parameter. Check the script info to learn more. You will probably also want to include file_manager.nrx but that isn't required.

All the mentioned tools can be found in the new tools package in the Download section.

Software Development Kit (SDK), V2.20

New version of the kit contains an updated GCC (from the update released in the meantime) and new VisualHAM. Version 2.6 of this IDE is a major update with lots of bugs fixes and new features. It was developed by both me and Peter Schraut, the original author of VHAM. The SDK also introduces some smaller updated in bin utils and project templates. For more info, check the Changelog.

The SDK Documentation was also updated. Some yet undocumented macros were added. It also contains description of the file system programming and other new things.

I think that's all about the most important things. Now you can go to the Download section. Feel free to ask further questions on the forums. Have phun!

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